My name is Carl S. Sweatman and I am the Pastor of a small church in Vienna, VA (Antioch Christian Church). I began serving in this role on 03-July-2016, and it has been a blessing that we could not have imagined. If you’re ever in the Vienna area, please feel free to stop by and say hello. We’d love to meet you.

Quick summary of me:

  • born and raised in Atlanta, GA
  • went to Shamrock High School (which no longer exists)
  • ran cross country and track
  • in the summer of 1996, I worked as a driver for the Olympics in Atlanta
  • attended Atlanta Christian College (now Point University) from 1996-1998
  • in 1998, I transferred to Cincinnati Bible College (now Cincinnati Christian University), where, in 2002, I got a BA in Biblical Studies and Children’s Ministry
  • from 1998-2002, I worked as an intern Children’s Minister in a few churches before serving full time in one in northern Kentucky
  • in 2004, I resigned and returned home
  • in 2005 returned to Cincinnati for Seminary studies
  • in 2006, I married my best friend (Jenn) from childhood
  • that same year, I began working as a part-time adjunct lecturer for Cincinnati Christian University, teaching courses on Hermeneutics and Paul’s Life and Letters
  • in 2008, I got an MA in Biblical Studies and New Testament Research
  • that same year, we moved to England so I could begin doctoral studies at the University of Gloucestershire (supervised by Andrew Lincoln and Lloyd Pietersen)
  • in 2009, I began working as a part-time adjunct lecturer for West of England Ministerial Training Course, teaching Paul’s Life and Theology
  • in 2012, we welcomed our lovely daughter into the world
  • in 2013, I received my PhD in New Testament Theology and Pauline Studies
  • later that year, we moved back to the States and I taught online courses for nearly 3 years at multiple schools (still on-hand at one)–all the while searching for on-site teaching jobs
  • in early 2015, I published my dissertation, which is reasonably priced (shameless, I know; but student-loan debt will not go away by itself)
  • that same year, I began serving as the Series and Volume Editor for GlossaHouse‘s “Thesis, Dissertation, and Monograph Series”, where we have pushed out a good handful of new volumes
  • in early 2016, after much prayer and counsel, we followed the leading to pursue ministry opportunities
  • on 03-July-2016, as mentioned above, life as a pastor began

There are certainly some details that might have been missed in this summary, but what’s given should be adequate enough to give you a decent glimpse of my history. If there is anything you’d like know outside of this listing (within reason, of course), feel free to ask.