As a Pastor-theologian, I find myself wrestling with decisions over which details to include in or exclude from a Sunday sermon. This is primarily because the things that interest me or the details I find pertinent to the message might, to others, seem extraneous or even distracting to the flow of a message. At best, they are considered items that would be helpfully explored in a more focused study.

This blog was created for that purpose.

What you will find here are many of those features that deserve better attention and focus than they would receive as part of a 30-35 minute sermon. In terms of specific topics, I should say: do not search for a pattern or a sequence or a connecting chain for the individual posts. The topics treated are, by and large, random and they simply come from particular sermons as I write them (or because somethings strikes me during the week).

I welcome your interaction, feedback, insights, clarifications, etc. I am always a student of the Bible, and all things related to it, so I freely confess my continual need and desire to learn. I’m also open to suggestions for topics if you have any, or if you would like to engage in a particular discussion. While I cannot promise to answer every single suggestion, I will do my best to do what I can.

Happy reading.